Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sgt. Joe Friday...needed more now than he was then

This Obama-enforced 'conditioning' of the United States citizens to accept whatever "HE the inept"--the god Obama/Shiva, the Destroyer of all that is free and beautiful", can only lead to further loss of our liberty.

Watch...and think, for once in your lives...

Barack 'Barry' Obama is not what you all thought he is.

And neither is his "I am finally proud of my country" wifey.

To my OLD bee-shop: If you continue to call me a 'racist', I find I shall have to 'do something' about that.

And let it be known: YOU are the Treasurer of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, which is in DEFAULT on repayment to me, insofaras I put ALL monies up front to allow this Chamber to exist. As of Decemeber 31, 2010, if total payment as promised is not received, you, Bee-shop, and your cohorts (Bill Morton, Toni Duncan, Nina Interlandi Bell) shall have a date in court.

I have been patient beyond all belief with you grifters!