Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everywhere I've searched...

...it is still all projection.

And in less than 2 days, our pResident, Barky O, leaves the country...so he and the wifey can go campaign like a couple of idiots in India (simply cuz the only thing this man can do is CAMPAIGN. He's a former community organizer--and has never grown out of THOSE PYJAMAS!!).

With 40-some planes and several hotels fully booked, including the entire Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay--OK, now they call it Mumbai--it's soooo difficult when these Moslems change their names, AND THEIR VOWELS, isn't it?

Sooooo, what can I say?

GO, Obamas, GO...and hopefully stay there?

Like...um...from Soetoro in Jakarta to Obama of the United States!, could this a$$ try to escape reality any more; because before there was the Soetoro name, there was only an "X" on the birth certificate?

We shall see, in time, some truth about Barky Obama...and his immature falseness of displaying his middle finger.

Erm...uh...Barky, sir: I just heard you can never go back home!

It's all hiding, in plain sight, isn't it?

We have a chicken-s&ite for a pResident, don't we?

Butt, I must go rest and sleep,
take this disabled body to bed,
to lie prone and try to crack the bad parts into good parts,
as sirens wail, here, continuously,
in what is known as Rogers Park.