Friday, October 15, 2010

Too-Pay, or not Too-Pay--that is the question!

Even if you haven't been watching the Harry Reid/Sharon Angle stuff from Nevada, have you ever noticed this very weird thing about Harry Reid's HAIR?

Oh, BTW, in case you are some sort of uninformed person, Senator Harry Reid is the current 'Leader of the US Senate'...and professes to be a Mormon. BFD, I say. I'm more curious about Harry's HAIR.

Is it real...or Memorex? And, why does he keep changing the side to part this so-called HAIR?

Look at these (all recent) photos, and try to figure Harry's OBSESSION with his HAIR:

Too-pay? Not Too-pay? Left? Right?

Harry Reid seems to not know. I would NOT vote for him...just because he does not understand what it is to be an American.