Friday, October 15, 2010

I hesitated to comment at all... the Chilean thing, because I have a real diversion for death caused by greed.

I found this today:

As the last rescued Chilean miner came above ground -- after spending 69 days deep in the lower reaches of earth and surrounded by 700,000 tons of unstable rock -- the world watched in awe and tears. The men appeared remarkably healthy after their ordeal. Emotions were understandably high after the survivors completed their half-mile journey to the surface; predictably, the men's thoughts were on family and faith.

Mario Sepulveda, an ebullient man and the second to emerge from the bullet-shaped rescue tube, said, "I was with God. I was with the Devil. God and the devil were fighting over me, and God won. I always knew they would get me out. I always had faith in the professionals here in Chile and in the Great Creator."

At 56 years of age, Omar Reygadas, one of the older miners, became a great-grandfather for the fourth time while he was trapped underground, while Jimmy Sanchez, the youngest miner at age 19, has a four-month-old baby, and Richard Villarroel is due to become a father in November.

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Faith? They had God?

In today's America, within the Obama administration, those words are ANATHEMA!

The Chileans were assisted by the US in this rescue, but Obama had nothing to do with that. HE could never be an 'engineer', or a 'physicist' or anything associated with the 'Earth'--the planet on which we alone were chosen to survive...and live our lives.

Obama seems to know no god but himself...same thing with his wifey, who can break State and Federal voting laws, and get away with it because she is so 'FASHIONABLE'! PUKING NOW!

FFFUUUUGGGGLLLLYYY 'Electioneer', isn't she?

Why does someone not arrest her for her State and Federal CRIME?