Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My take...

You know, I really don't care sometimes.

If you voted for Obama, as did several of my no-longer-friends, I hope you're doing well...but as I saw one of these former friends, rushing off the bus to get to the train today, I had to smirk...NO...stifle a giggle.  He, the balding girly-man, wanted to make certain he did not have any contact with me.

His business is five floors below me; his car is parked in the lot right outside my window.  He knows me.

Which is why he rushed to get out of the bus and get up the escalators to the train at the Howard stop, here in Chicago.

He wanted to avoid meeting me.

He is one of the three (it seems) complicit people trying to 'take me down'.

He is a well-known gay, and tries very hard to use the 'gayness' to attract other gays to his technology-oriented business, five floors below me.

He told me several years ago that I was his friend, then balked after I had scanned and transferred 70 hours of his family's film, which I had to wash, hang to straighten, and Photoshop (TM) to make a reasonable presentation.  I asked for $400, I got $300.

This girly-man was my friend...and I did not fault him for being soooooo girly.  He WAS my friend...but no longer.  Neither he, Kris Luck, nor his buddy Bill Morton, who owes me over $1,400, plus another $1,000+ vis a vis my monies invested to incorporate and promote the failing Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, are 'business persons' I would ever deal with again...and I caution all of you to be wary of these men.

Grifters...it's the word that comes to mind, especially concerning the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Director/Interim Treasurer, self-proclaimed Bishop James Alan Wilkowski, who works for David Orr.  Need I say more?

These are liars, and cheats, and thieves...and oh, yes, OH MY!