Friday, June 10, 2011

If that don't beat all, huh?

Sure.  The Obamas have been compared to the Kennedys ad infinitum, haven't they?

They sure look like Jack and Jackie, don't they?

Especially when Michelle wears a THONG with an evening dress...Jacqueline, were she still alive, would approve, right, because she was married to a Democrat...and whatever Dems do is OK, right?

Well, if you have read, the Kennedys were pretty amped up and down with pharmaceuticals--and I expect the situation is similar with the Obamas.

She is either fearful of being "doped up to high heaven" to attend this sham dinner, OR she is just 'doped up' as usual (menopausal be-yotch)..  No woman with training LIFTS the haunches of her gown, ever!

Then I noticed this on my sidebar, and because Google is playing its stupid political games, you, my readers, are forced to view this ugliness:
"1963 John F. Kennedy names Winston Churchill U.S. honorary citizen

Soooo. As I am finally getting back to my 'old mode' of carping about politics, I have to ask the pResident:

"What is it you didn't like about Churchill?  I realize Churchill was way before 'YOUR time' BUTT, what did you not care for about Winston Churchill, as he was designated an honorary citizen of the US by President Kennedy?

Are you dishonoring Jack Kennedy's judgment, and therefore his presidency, because he and most of his family are no longer alive to defend themselves? "