Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank you all, for bearing up with me...

...during this time when Google has apparently gone mad, and thinks they have 'streamlined' Blogger.  I can no longer give a remark give it ANY color for emphasis!

Thanks, dopes!  I am more of an artist that 15 of your employees combined...oh...I guess it's because I'm older?  That would be 'AGE DISCRIMINATION', jerks!

Bring back the COLOR!  This 'text background color is TRULY BS..and you know it!

Be that as it may, I truly thank you all for visiting here, especially my friend in Slovakia (Trencin).

Please contact me, as Trencin is the city where my grandfather, Benedikt Cerny (looks different in Slovak, and here in the US the name was turned to 'Cherney' at Ellis Island).  It would be wonderful to find a relative after all these years!
I look at this map and I become very proud I am continuing to blog (in the face of the worst, most borderline-insane troll...and his nursey wife...ever), even with that creep, whom I watch for as I leave my building (never knowing...).

He calls for now, in his comments (I, ironically, as RPFreeSpeech, will not allow you to see.  They are nasty, harsh, heinous, and not something I really want place in perpetuity--though I am certain this 37+, 6 foot+ male takes some delight in trying to intimidate me, the almost-65, disabled, 5'7", white-haired female.  He has also placed my name on a pornographic website) that I STOP blogging.

Oh the 'ironing', if you could see what he IS BLOGGING...the LIES!

I have not seen this man for two years now, though it was extremely apparent then that he was undergoing some sort of huge psychological change which even his nurse-wife found difficult to deal with.

He was making 'things' from melted wax--'things' that looked like voo-doo dolls.

His favorite blog is, as he claims:  and I guess that pretty much explains the "what goes around, comes around" aspect.

Self-proclaimed bee-shop James Alan Wilkowski:  You are totally welcome to assume you can SAVE this troubled man, Michael Giovanelli.However, I am taking ever last piece of paperwork I can print re: this 'defamation of character' re: M. Giovanelli, to the Chicago Police order to file a claim of 'harassment, defamation of character, libel and slander' against him.

And guess what, readers all across the world?  I haven't heard one, menial, little, even shimmering peep from Michael Giovanelli since I posted the other day that I would bring The Chicago Police Department to his 'basement' apartment in West Ridge.

However, things being what they are these days, I have enough evidence from his 'saved' , unpublished comments, to bring a quite nice lawsuit against him.