Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's getting late for me...

...but, as I scrape the last remains from the Nutella jar, I wonder just why the MOO is trying so hard to look like June Cleaver?

She wasn't even a twinkle 'on Daddy's lap' until 1964 (the year I graduated from High School--so she doesn't know anything, as I went to a private school in Milwaukee, and she went to lowest-rated Chicago public schools.

That is why, at 47 years old, she is FIRST BEGINNING TO LEARN about nutrition!

All this garbage because she is black, and apparently she thinks blacks don't give a crap about nutrition--that is what she is saying.

I have a few black friends who say differently: they know and understand nutrition...and could take down this MOO at a moment's notice!

Bill the Cat is wondering why MOO salutes SEIU, because he misunderstood and brought long his 'Easter bonnet'! And he's also wondering why the back of her dress (which you cannot see) is, in fact, SEIU PURPLE, just like Jill's outfit!

Then, I wonder why her hubby, Barky, looks so ill lately (as though he may be HIV POS);

it's not as if he didn't know his daddy...just take a good look at his oldest daughter; you'll see Malcolm X (Little Shabazz) right there, alright! Butt...he's been a play-around-boy, especially here in Chicago, so many say.

Many say, you ask? Why not check out what the boys at www.hillbuzz.org have had to say in the past, re: Barky, Man's Country and, yes...Rahm, the mayor-elect of Chicago. (NOTA BENE: Hillbuzz is trading over to their new, improved website, so be patient. I am certain their archives will be available shortly.).

I'm also wondering why no one seems to understand Governor Scott Walker and his entire position re: the Dem-idiots who ran away.

Just wonderin'...like a normal citizen of the United States of America should be doin'--RIGHT?