Sunday, February 13, 2011

From my Window: Does somebody up there not like me?

When the ice finally melted from my window, after three days, I wanted to clean off the 'birdy poo' I showed you several days ago.

I found this:

I live on the sixth floor, so someone on 7 or 8, or someone on the roof, 'slopped this former food' onto my concrete sill.

It looks like beans and mashed potatoes, or something.

In addition, my entire window had a lot of what I call 'schmutz'--as if someone sprayed it with salt water.

I've worked hard this morning, on my knees, to clean the outside storm window. I suppose I'll have to take it out of its housing...a somewhat difficult and dangerous job when one lives high up...for now, this shot will have to do: