Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From my Window: Chicago's Blizzard

It was my intent today, when I arrived back home around 3 PM, to set up the camera and tripod at my window and do a shot every hour or so to show the progress of the Great Blizzard of 2011.

The window began to fog (actually, the storm window) around noon. So, all I can show you from the lower, unscreened half is my friend the mannequin, desperately trying to stay afoot during horrendous winds (which are rattling the windows and impacting the building heavily).

I crept the camera up to a place where, through the screen, you can see at least something of Sheridan Road, the Farcroft building, and how little snow there seems to be at about 5:45 CST.

BTW...that "egg-stremely bright light" just right of center is courtesy of the Shambhalah Center, at the corner of Sheridan Road and Sherwin Avenue here in Rogers Park. It is "ON" 24/7, shining right into my window, making my apartment very bright at night.

It is an irritant.

Jeesh...you'd think these psuedo-Buddhists would have more manners, huh?
But, then again...it's Rogers Park, the most northerly neighborhood of Chicago, where some of the most liberal "hippies" and "wanna-be hippies" live--sorry for the redundancy.

I hope to get out tomorrow, if the wind dies down a bit, in order to show you some more of out Great Chicago Blizzard (?)