Saturday, February 5, 2011

And on the third day...

...after our Great Chicago Blizzard, it looks like this:

The bus stop right outside my building

I got out today, thinking the 'going' would be pretty decent. I couldn't climb over the pile at my bus stop, so I walked south to another, which has a shelter and, thankfully, was cleared of snow. You see, I desperately needed to go the library!

Now some might say, "Hey RPFree, get a kindle, read books electronically! Get with the program, old girl!"

I DO read electronically, but I also prefer to read for an hour or so in bed, before I turn out the lights and while I am doing stetching and back exercises so I won't totally stiffen up overnight.

I figured, after reading Ald. Joe Moore's (Incumbent-49th Ward-20 years 'on the job?') e-mail poofs these past few days, that all would be right on Morse Avenue, and I could freely walk down and do some shopping.

I got a block and a half east of Clark Street, and had to negotiate this, which is a huge task when one uses a cane, as I must:

Their house...notice their porch and steps are shovelled

I finished my shopping, and walked the three blocks east to Sheridan Road, where I could catch the bus back home. On the way, I encountered this EXTREME FORM OF CHICAGOAN LAZINESS:

I actually saw an older (than me) woman, walking toward me with a rolling walker, and stopped to watch if anyone would help her.

No one did, so I and my cane walked back up and helped her get the walker over this stupidity.

She is one of the Russians who live in the neighborhood, and does not speak English well at all, but her shock and disgust were very apparent.

You see, this afternoon was the PURR-fect time to go out and clear snow. It was mostly sunny, about 30 degrees, and the snow was softened enough to push around easily.

But, this being 'Super Bowl Saturday', time must be spent planning for tomorrow's game. Chicagoans, I have found during my 12 years of living here, are like that: very LAZY when it comes to clearing snow. They'd rather wait for all this to melt.

An alleyway, which Ald. Joe Moore previously stated were being taken care of by 'one of his guys'

And this treacherous 10 feet or so

So I got off at the same stop where I embarked upon this mini-sojourn and walked into Leone Park-Beach to take a couple of shots.

The huge ice/snow floes are both way out on the lake AND at the snow-filled shoreline

So here I am, back home. I opened a few windows to allow for some fresh are, and sit pondering:

Is Chicago Transit Authority responsible for clearing their bus stops OR does the CTA take the Blanche duBois approach--'depending upon the kindness of strangers'?