Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ON: Giving and Receiving

For Christmas, my Filipino friend Zeny gave me a tin of the most wonderful cinnamon-nut cookies she baked herself. Zeny is 76 years old, yet ageless!

Her cookies were scrumptillicous!

Yesterday, she visited again, to return a 'certain item' I lent her, so as not to disturb the building maintenance man. I had been doing some 'table-top' photography--I've already begun MY New Year's resolutions.

When I showed her one of the items I had shot, she remarked that, in the Philippines, it is considered a sign of GOOD LUCK!

This piece was purchased by my mother back in the 1940s. I was born in '46, and it was something that was, simply, always there, since I could recognize my surroundings.

We children were always told 'don't touch'--and it is in excellent, like-new condition all these years later.

So I decided, today, to print and frame the photo, and give it to Zeny--so that she may have GOOD LUCK also! Her cookies were soooo tasty!