Friday, December 3, 2010


...the Blaze:

(or should we now call it REGIME OBAMA?):

Dean Lays Out the Creepy Saul Alinsky Ties That Got Obama Elected

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From the Comments:


Posted on December 3, 2010 at 9:21am

What this shows is just the way the leftest liberal progressive socialist seek to get their message out and ideas implemented into the everyday Joe. What they do is a very good job of working together the (sic) “persuade” people who do not really understand what they are selling to buy their crap/message.

Why in heaven’s name is it that a minority of people (the actual progressive movement) can carry this much weight that they got Obama elected?

Most of the everyday Joe’s were either looking for a handout from Obama (emphasis mine) or they were looking for heaven on earth so to speak.

It is like the Hollywood crowd. They are a small minority of persons who dictate what we all see on TV and movies.

The vast majority of Americans actually are honest God fearing Christian conservative people.

The problem is we set on our butts and do not vote, resist the lefts attempt to steal our way of life and we bitch about the state of things but seem to want someone else to make it all better.

Well all American people who feel the leftest progressive liberals are wrong must stand together.

Time to get organized and get the word out, we just aren’t going to take it anymore.


I is TIME now, to organize.

Get up off your butts, United States citizens!

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO here: you may not agree with the speaker but you will agree with the message. If we can all get motivated as the message suggest then we can take our country back from those who would place us in obeiance.


Please watch again.