Saturday, December 11, 2010

Before the shock of Obama ditching the presser...

...I went to Evanston to pay my internet bill. Below is the Christmas tree in the lobby of Chase Bank, at the corner of Davis and Orrington streets. Isn't it gorgeous--in ALL the colors of MONEY!

Gold. Silver. Copper. Bronze. And, of course, GREEN!

Just wondering how many people took HOW long to decorate this tree? It's 12 feet tall, a bit shorter than 'the Douglas fir' in the White House.

When I arrived home, turned on the computer and found the least-impressive 'empty suit' walking out of what could have been 'an historic' press conference (current AND former presidents), I was, to say the least, not shocked to finally hear confirmation of the fact of just who 'wears the pants' (and not very well, as they are always too tight or too long!) in the White House!

I finally made myself a light dinner: Fresh Campari tomato salad and basil-seared (in extra-virgin olive oil) salmon fillet and a few large black olives. was yummy!

Oh, BTW...the salad consists of chopped tomatoes, pesto sauce, a light pour of extra-virgin olive oil and...that's NOT mozzarella! It's 'firm tofu', which definitely benefits from the pesto!

A satisfying yet simple dinner for one.

Cost: way under $2.00!