Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ON: Sweeteners

Yesterday, I shopped at my local Dominick's specifically to get a can of cranberry sauce. I had forgotten, last week, to purchase this one essential.

I had two, only two, choices: Libby's (2 for $3) or Safeway (10 for $10) brands. As is my wont, I read the labels and found both use high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener!

HFCS is something I avoid like the plague!

Sweeteners I use, when I use them at all

Onward to the produce section!

Wisconsin cranberries (I have witnessed the bogs in Wisconsin--quite awesome!) were on sale--two bags for $4. A bit more expensive, but most assuredly healthier!

I know my cranberry sauce will taste better than those canned things. Cooking it now, and may show you results later.

BTW, cranberries really benefit from a small amount of honey added after they have been cooked.

Oh...and Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!