Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Your RIGHT... the one you are supposed to identify as 'the First Lady of the United States'. On the left is the woman identified as the 'Second Lady of the United States'. In the middle is Ma'am, even though she claims she has worked long and hard to achieve being addressed as "Senator Boxer" (CA-D--and Dumber than the day is long!).

If Michelle Obama's dress could be any tighter in the hips, she might split a seam. Wouldn't that be fun, because that fabric is sooooo stretched?

As CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, are we supposed to continue, as in times past, to look upon these women as IDEALS?

Is it because it is 2010, and we have lost our way as true citizens of what was once the most powerful nation in the entire world...that we consider "trampy" , even "whory" dressing by our leaders' wives as acceptable--because we do not take the time to consider how WE, the United States Citizens, are represented?

Then, I would consider that it is really time, NOW, to 'get our $hite together'?

Irregardless of my 'party affiliation', I can say that, in all seriousness, Michelle Obama could NEVER represent ME as a First Lady.

In this photo, she looks as though she has just TRAMPED out of some obscure motel bed on the Northwest side of Chicago after a night on the sheets!


And Mrs. Biden? At 60-ish, dear, please LOSE the 'Forever 21' look, and get your hair cut into a style shorter, which I know will favor your FACE!