Friday, October 8, 2010

Little by little, bit by bit...Autumn in Rogers Park

George, the Pumpkin Seller at 7313-15 N. Sheridan Road, has not been well of late. His successor is a genuinely nice young 'gentle' man from Wisconsin: Aaron (I hope I have the spelling correct?)

This 'Pumpkin/Christmas tree' lot is right outside my 6th floor window. For the last several years I've lived here, George has been 'the man'. Now, Aaron is here, and I found him to be a somewhat shy, but great conversationalist.

Aaron has a dream...don't we all? But I feel Aaron will achieve his dream. He is a musician, a guitar player. At 26, that's about time for something great to happen, isn't it?

Aaron told me he voted for Obama...but for this seasonal job selling pumpkins, and later Christmas trees, he is UNEMPLOYED. He admitted to not knowing what he would do when the season is finished, other than, "I'll look again for a job."

My insight into human beings showed me that this is an exceptional man--creative, inspired, productive!

This is a young man who should not be here, in Rogers Park, selling pumpkins and Christmas trees. He should be out there, playing his heart out as he wants to do, for you and for me! He told me he has no guitar with him, but practices fingering anyway.

One of his goals is to be onstage, playing guitar right-handed, then switch to a left-handed bass guitar, because he is ambidextrous. I think that's pretty cool, don't you?

BTW, Aaron painted the pumpkin himself, with both hands, though he claims he's not an artist!

Please, give him your business. And...he has sugar pumpkins that are great for baking, so you can create your own pumpkin pie. I bought one, and I'm certain I'll go back for a few more!

Aaron also threw in this lovely 'swan gourd', which I photographed just for the heck of it. Isn't it lovely?

President Obama:

Is there any chance you could finally LISTEN to the American people? Can you and your half-baked Southside failed attorney/wife take some time to understand something more than PHOTO-OPS?