Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just wondering...

...why Bill Morton, LEGEND and President of Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, has done NOTHING to promote the seasonal business at 7313-15 N. Sheridan Road, here in Rogers Park?

Aaron, the new Pumpkin Seller

Pumpkin Lot, 7313-15 N. Sheridan Road, Rogers Park, Chicago, 60626

Bill Morton owes me a personal debt of $1,425, and Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce welched on their PARTIAL $500 payment which was due on 30JUN2010. They still owe me, for my seed monies (for incorporation, establishment of a bank account, membership in the US Chamber of Commerce, etc.), over $1,030!

And Bill Morton had the balls to place this piece of crap on my doorknob...

...and has not even tried to contact me in 11 months re: some sort of payback re: the personal loan or from the Chamber account.

Well...I've given up on wondering about Bill Morton, and his so-called friends, like Kris Luck of Quest Network Services. They all seem to be a self-entitled bunch of thirty-somethings...and all voted for Obama.

I wonder if they understand their GINORMOUS mistake?

I wonder what their feelings are now?
Because...Bill Morton is soooo proud of his photo of a Charmers coffee mug, that it is pretty much all we see at

THIS, I must say, was NOT the lackluster chamber I chose to seed. And as far as my thoughts upon the Bee-shop, a mere board member but definite CRONY of Bill Morton...he's phony as all crap and simply has a fetish for dressing up as a priest!

UGLY people...and I am so regretting I ever got involved with any and ALL of them!