Friday, September 3, 2010

ON: Money for Pizza Delivery

This is the scene tonight at Quest Network Services. Kristofer Luck has paid for the pizza Bill Morton wanted. That is a 'given', because Bill Morton controls Kristofer Luck.

Because they both lived in Elmood Park, they seem to be 'best buds'. Kristofer is gay; Bill Morton seems to be bi. As I have no communication from him any longer, he seems to think that owing a former friend $1,425 is a 'dismissable factor".

His 'Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce' however, still owes me over a THOUSAND dollars, yet this prick chooses to show pizza, ordered out, because he is a manipulator, which pretty much equals a progressive Democrat.

Bill Morton and Ald. Joe Moore are one and the same. Grief to Rogers Park.

BTW, Bill: Say Hi to your frequent 'stay-over-nighter', your partner in crime within Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, Bishop James Alan Wilkowski, of the fake-gay-church-of-all-united-in-holy-hell!