Monday, September 27, 2010

Domingo...and my empathy with him

Domingo: no contract renewal at WNO

(And why would he HAVE to renew? He is the utmost of excellence in his field, as was Pavarotti, and as is Jose Carreras!)

Plácido Domingo, the tenor, baritone, conductor, and opera administrator extraordinaire, said Monday that he will not renew his contract as general director of the Washington National Opera when it expires in June, 2011.

His departure is not entirely a surprise -- Domingo has long been thought to be chronically overextended. But it also means that the company is left without a marquee leader, its most recognizable brand, at a time when nearly every detail of the WNO's future is open to question -- most importantly, whether it will remain autonomous or merge with the Kennedy Center.

Domingo, 69, who has been associated with the opera for 14 years, announced his decision via conference call to the WNO board at a meeting Monday morning, speaking from Los Angeles, where he is also general director of the Los Angeles Opera. He is currently singing there in the starring role in the new opera "Il Postino" and conducting "Marriage of Figaro." Last week, he extended his Los Angeles contract, which also expired at the end of the season, for two more years.

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...and now.

Placido, we all grow older, and you have made the proper choice. We have the epitome of your voice via digital recordings.

That, in itself, is the grandest memory you could grant us!


Actually, I don't blame Domingo for 'distancing himself from D.C.' at all.

Not news for all of you, butt we are ALL distanced from D.C.--distanced by a pResident, and his entire administration, and gofer Senators and Representatives--yes, distanced by a man whom we don't know much about. Those of you who continue to drink the PURPLE SEIU Obama Kool-aid--like my local alderman, Ald. Joe Moore D-49th-Chicago)--and if you are 0f Spanish heritage, right now you may be cursing Placido. But why?

Look at his name--Domingo--and look where he is.

Are you there...or are you just another "wannabe"?

Do you not understand what it took for this gentleman to become one of the TOP THREE TENORS in the entire world??

I am certain, if through some connections, I could interview Senor Domingo tonight, he would tell me his life difficult it was to vocalize when one chose not to do so; how demeaning it was to be turned down for the part he knew 'was his'!

Hispanics and Latinos:

GROW UP...GROW TO HELP YOUR NEIGHBORS! destroy them...with your so-called "GANGS".